Sunday, January 31, 2010

First post!

Alright, so, this is the first entry on the Lazy Bastard Radio official blog. I'm in the process of uploading episode one, so expect to see it soon!


PS: I have no idea why this updated AFTER all that other stuff... learn by doing!

Embedded player For the Win!

I can't figure out how to embed a player at this point. Work will continue...


And there we go, thank god for free hosting sites. embedded for your entertainment.

Can't see/use the player? The Most Popular Podcast in the Known Universe has you covered.

First Episode: Breast Milk, Pop Music, Rasslin' RPGs

Lazy Bastard Radio episode one!

There you go, all you wonderful maniacs! Welcome to The most popular podcast in the known universe.

This is our new podcast, where we chat about news, books, movies, video games, RPGs, TV, music, and whatever else comes to mind.

The language is pretty clean. Let's call it "Canadian primetime".

Leave a comment or email us at lazybastardradio AT gmail DOT com if there's a problem with the link. The webs are not my forte.

When I get some time I'll do a rough breakdown so you can skip the parts you don't like, and add some shownotes here so you can check out links to things we are talking about.


PS: Updated with Shownotes

0:00:40 Introductions
The most popular podcast in the known universe
0:01:14 News
0:07:30 Books
"The Blade Itself"
"Silent Bob Speaks"
"Fabric of Reality"
David Deutch
0:10:57 Kevin Smith's "greasy orange shits"
IO9's top 20 sci fi books of the decade
"A Song of Ice and Fire"
0:13:33 The iPad
0:18:02 A short break
0:18:30 Tech news
0:20:49 Video games
0:20:52 Thomas misuses "in lieu of"
Lego Batman
Koreans die playing video games
Eternal Sonata
Escapist Unskippable Eternal Sonata
0:24:43 "Don't take life lessons from video games"
Fable 2
0:26:30 Adam nerds out about historical fiction
0:27:28 Thomas dodges a phone call from his folks
Assassin's Creed 2
Gears of War 2
0:30:50 Tabletop RPGs
Doctors Without Borders
Three Sixteen
Seven Leagues
Squared Circle
Pildrivers and Powerbombs: Chokeslam of Darkness Edition
Rampage World Wrestling (dead but not forgotten, MC Tommy Dee!)
Spirit of the Century
Savage Worlds (Wow, Pinnacle Entertainment has a godawful website
A Penny for my Thoughts
The Bourne Identity
0:40:10 Thomas lips off Kiefer Sutherland
Link Reign
Link Story Games Calgary Facebook page
Revolution Games
Danger Patrol
0:46:01 Music
Hawksley Workman
Calgary Folk Fest
Edmonton Folk Fest
Barenaked Ladies
Steven Page
Matthew Good
Joel Plaskett (who is indeed from in and around beautiful Halifax)
Corb Lund
Tell @NathanFillion we sent you
0:52:24 Back to video games
Mass Effect 2
Dragon Age
@redheadpixie is a bona fide friend of the show
The most popular podcast in the known universe
0:52:14 Movies and TV
@deadlytoque, a damn fine fellow
Whip It
500 Days of Summer
That Pregnant Movie
Garden State
Apparently I invented Sports Movie Bingo? Someone should make me a set of cards for it!
The Last Emperor
Stargate SG1
World of Darkness
Supernatural RPG; oh, man, it's Cortex system! I slammed two of them back-to-back!
Serenity RPG
Link Serenity
0:58:17 He says "new" suburban development, not "nude" suburban development
Uwe Boll on LRR
@captainsask, neither an axe murderer or puppy-kicker, despite what the mainstream press would have you believe!
1:00:09 Theatre
Shakespeare Company
Arrata Opera Centre
Vertigo Mystery Theatre
1:01:07 Wrap it up
Lazy Bastard Radio: the most popular podcast in the known universe