Sunday, March 14, 2010

Episode Six: Four Chickens and a Digital Tambourine

Okras and Gentlebeans, we present to you: Episode Six of Lazy Bastard Radio, the Most Popular Podcast in the Known Universe!

This week we have another long episode -- almost exactly two hours -- but it's some of our finest yet. We had a whopping four hosts, with both LBR North and our Occasional Guest Host sitting in and bringing you the best in science, media, comic books, and all the other amusing things that tickle your nerdy little funnybones.

I had a spot of trouble with Mixcraft, which is why this is going up so late, but I muddled through it, and it turned out to be a much simpler fix than I had thought. Shouldn't happen again.

To our gentle listeners: As your homework assignment for this week, how about everybody telling us who they are and where they are listening from? An email (lazybastardradio AT gmail DOT com), a comment here, or something on our Facebook page, so we know you're out there. We love doing this, but we'd love it even more if we knew we weren't just staring into the Abyss... because you know what that causes... That's right: facehuggers. Also, we can give you a shout-out on next week's show (or not, if you prefer)!

Until next time, keep your moist bits moist and your stinky bits clean!


PS: It's worth noting that we know that Corey was wrong about McLuhan's famous quote, although he did write a book with that title.

PPS: Firefighters, for those who were unaware.


  1. Yay! Cuss'n an dirty jokes! are you kids adjusting your target demographic?
    not that I'm complaining, it's a little wierd listening to you guys when your trying to behave yourselves. although I am a little surprized that Aaron hasn't broken out his catchphrases yet, thats just the sort of shit the internets love.

  2. I listen from the living room of LBR North or my secret lair at BioWare, depending on when you upload new episodes.