Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Episode Nine: Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo Extravaganza!

With all humility I present to you Episode Nine! of The Most Popular Podcast in the Known Universe!

This week: The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

There are some sound issues, due to the anti-acoustic properties of the environment in which most of the episode was recorded, but hopefully you can look beyond that to listen to the great interview with Rob Heinsoo (which is not pronounced like you think it is) and Robin D. Laws.

Their game credits include such things as, oh, I dunno, Dungeons and Dragons. Listen to the episode for more.

There's also a handful of great little floor chats with convention-goers, including Edmonton-based costumers Sew Long Ago.

This is perhaps not our funniest episode ever, but it's some damned fine content, and we'll be back to our usual format for the next ep. In fact, we'll probably do a lot of commentary on the Expo.




  1. This was so fun! Next year ask everyone what book they are currently reading. That way we non-gamers might find something new to read. Wayyy fun.

  2. Well, Robin did mention what he's reading. It sounded really good, too!