Sunday, February 21, 2010

Episode Four: Zombies, Farts, and World War One

Episode Four of the Most Popular Podcast in the Known Universe, with special guest host, and an interview with Joshua Hoiberg of the Bureau of the Zombie Research and Defence is up and running. Download to your heart's content!

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  1. Hearing myself mentioned on the internets is a strange thrill. good times!
    also I enjoy your special guest interviews. good job kids.

  2. Uh... Hey guys you should listen to your own podcast, its the most popular podcast in the known universe so you know the cool kids are doing it.
    Seriously, who else am I going to tell? you guys know everyone I know, and I'm pretty sure you'd offend the NIV's (hell, I'm pretty sure I offend the NIV's)

    still, good job!


  3. Hmm... make us a poster and put it up at your local comic shop?

  4. The look of horror on your face was visible right through the speakers on my pc...a woman over 500lbs would never notice a pregancy! I would be surprised if she would even notice a 170lb husband...unless she glanced up from her pop and fries...yuck.